Why do we make resolutions on New Year?

Wish you a very happy 2023!

According to the dictionary, ‘resolution’ is making a decision to do or not to do something. When a person decides to exercise everyday it is a resolution, or if a person decides not to overeat is a resolution. When we want to change the way we do things and take a decision to change it is a resolution.

Resolutions are made by individuals either to cultivate a good habit or break a bad habit. When people want to change they set up goals for the year and work on it. Different people have different goals in life. Even for one person the goals can be different at different stages of life. A student’s goal may be to achieve good grades or learn certain skills. As you grow older the goals may change. The goals could be more career oriented. For seniors the goals are different.

New Year is a good time to make resolutions. One year is a good time to work on your goals and see the change. You can also look back to a certain year and see the resolution you make and see how much of the goal is achieved. You can look back to 2022 and check if you have achieved your goals set at the beginning of the year. Now you can set new goals for the coming year. New Year resolutions are basically setting your goals which are time bound that means that you would like to accomplish this particular task before the end of the year. It could also mean that from this year onwards you would like to change a particular habit or change the way you do things.

New Year resolutions for children and teenagers may be some of the following, getting good grades in school, being regular with homework, being kind to the people around, spending less time on the screen, learning new skills For young adults their resolutions could be to work on getting into the right college, reading a book every week, exercising regularly, choosing the right career. For the older adults it maybe setting goals of working on their marriage, aiming for the next promotion in the job or move to a better job. There could be different goals at different stages of life. It is always good to have goals and work on them.

New Year is a good time to make resolutions. The important thing is to work on it every day and make it a habit.


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