How to stay focused on your resolution?

For most of us making New Year resolutions is easy but working on them is very difficult. Some of us who have made the resolutions this year have given up or on the verge of giving up. Here a few tips of how to keep going even if you feel like giving up.

  • Plan your goals; break it down to tangible goals.
  • Work on making it a habit to achieve your goals.
  • Evaluate and re-plan if necessary.
  • Revise what you have learnt.

It is important to have tangible goals. Having tangible or measurable goals is a yardstick to progress. Each one has different goals. A student who wants to get good grades by the end of the year will have to have to break it into monthly or weekly goals. Learning a chapter each week could be a goal. A person who wants to lose weight, the goal for year may be losing certain number of kilos this year, breaking down to Check with the doctor/nutritionist before you start. Plan the time needed to spend in the gym or jogging.

Work regularly towards your goal. Start with small steps and go to larger strides. Start with about 15 min a day and increase to the recommend level. Or cut down on certain foods gradually and change to the recommended diet. Initially spend about 30 min of study and work till you are able to complete a chapter a week. For those not in the habit of it will take time. Daily working on your goal will be helpful.

After about two months it is time to evaluate your progress. Are you reaching your smaller goals? If you are not achieving your goals what else can you do. Seek help. If necessary change your plan of action or make new plans. Consistently re-evaluate yourself so that you are on the correct path.  Do this about every two months or periodically.

If you are leaning something new you will have to revise or repeat what you have learnt.  You must make it a habit. The new habit should be a part of your life.


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