Mental Health at Work

Work is an essential part of our lives and plays a huge role in meeting our career and financial needs. Our career adds structure and purpose to our lives. Many of us associate our work lives with having a sense of identity, enhancing self-esteem, and making connections. In recent days, mental health issues are prevailing more in the workplace. The number of mental health issues at work is significantly increasing. When the work environment makes a person work for long hours, there is understaffing, lack of support, bullying, harassment, being underpaid, a lack of career growth, and lack of acknowledgement. All of these can take a toll on an individual’s mental health. When the state prolongs, it soon develops into a mental disorder.

In recent days, with the increase in the number of mental health issues and suicide rates, it has become essential for workplaces to take initiatives to help their employees. Organizations and companies need to take an essential step and take care of their employees, as their employees are working for the company’s growth.

Companies can plan their psychological programs based on promotion, prevention, and early intervention. Here are a few ideas for organizations and companies to implement in taking care of the mental health of their employees.

Protection from harm
  • Encourage employees to take care of their physical and psychological health.
  • Giving them space and resources to take care of their overall well-being.
  • Normalize and support mental health.
  • Generate policies, norms, and programs for mental health.
Social Connection
  • Create your work environment to be inclusive of everyone, so everyone has a sense of belonging in their work environment.
  • Encourage employees to cultivate trustworthy relationships.
  • Organize training programs on social connections like communication skills, interpersonal skills, assertiveness, motives and intentions, and other areas of social relationships.
  • Make the workspace a place that fosters teamwork, honest communication, openness, and collaboration.
Personal and professional life balance
  • Encourage and provide the employees with the opportunities to self-differentiate and showcase their skills. This can enhance their productivity and give them career growth.
  • Increase access to paid leaves.
  • Respect your employee’s boundaries between work and non-work time.
  • Provide the appropriate wage.
  • Assign the roles and responsibilities based on the employee’s qualifications and experience.
  • Build a work culture of recognition.
Opportunity for Growth
  • Offering proper training, orientation, mentoring, and education.
  • Foster clarity about their designations and responsibilities.
  • Provide employees with a space to communicate their ambiguity.
  • When an employee exhibits sudden changes or a decline in work productivity, provide them with counseling services.

Overall, in your workplace, you can organize monthly, once or twice, different programs or spaces for your employees to talk about their mental health through group counseling or group activities. Conduct programs inviting a mental health professional to educate everyone about the importance of mental health issues and awareness, breaking the prevailing stereotypes associated with mental health.


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