What are the causes of exam pressure on Students?

Exam pressure can be a major source of stress for students, affecting their academic performance and mental health. Here are some of the common causes of exam pressure:

High expectations from parents and teachers: Students may feel that their future depends on their exam results, which can lead to a lot of pressure from their loved ones. Every parent wants their child to perform excellently in the exams.

Competition among peers: Students may feel the need to outperform their classmates, which can lead to excessive stress and pressure during exams. In this competitive world the children are often compared to their siblings or peers.

Fear of not performing well: Many students may feel that exams are a measure of their worth, and the fear of not performing well can lead to increased pressure.

Lack of preparation: If a student is not adequately prepared for exams, this can increase feelings of anxiety and stress. Most of the students are ‘busy’ with the gadgets and do not give enough time for their studies. This leads to poor preparation for the exams.

Poor time management: When students try to cram preparation for exams at the last minute, this can lead to increased stress and pressure. Many students put off studies till the last minute and then realize that they do not have enough time to prepare for the exams.

Unfamiliar exam format: If a student is not familiar with the format of an exam, this can lead to increased pressure and stress. Sometimes the format of the exams changes. It is good to get to know the format by going through the sample papers.


It’s important to remember that exam pressure is a normal part of student life and can be managed through effective study habits, stress management techniques, and support from family and friends.

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