How does Procrastination make us stray from our goal?

Most of us may be quiet familiar with Procrastination, as it can be said as an act or inactivity and not doing the things that needed to be done despite of the negative effects it may bring. The goals may not be easy to accomplish so they are put off for a later time. The effects of procrastination are never good. When one procrastinates it only makes the task more difficult, there is more stress on the person and the task is not properly accomplished.

There could be many reasons as to why people procrastinate. One of reasons is fear. The person may be afraid that either he/she may not be able to complete it or may not do job well enough. The lack of ability or required skills may also be a cause of fear. Some may not like to do a particular task so they try to put it off doing so gives them no pleasure. Some might find it hard to start and getting off the blocks. They need some motivation or be given a push to get things started. For some procrastination could be a result of mental illness.

When one procrastinates, precious time is lost in achieving the task desired goals and results. Usually we fall behind schedule due to procrastination. In both personal and professional life falling behind schedule is a lost opportunity, because of the delay in completing the task the goals are not achieved. The quality of the work may suffer sometimes due to procrastination. We are left with little or no time to complete the task and hence, cannot produce the results. There is an increase in stress due to procrastination and find ourselves running against time since there is very little time to complete the task.

Planning your work can help you overcome procrastination. Plan how and when the goal is to be accomplished. Next is to breakdown the goal into smaller tasks. Create a small achievement checklists of tasks. This makes it easier to visualize if the goal is attainable. Having a timeline to complete tasks helps see that the workload is properly distributed, also helps us remain on track with the goals. Continuous monitoring of tasks gives a good estimate for checking the progress. Try hard to stick to the schedule, which is very important to ensure to not fall behind and feel the stress. Once we have a plan, we can be confident that the goal can be achieved.

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