How does Time management help?

Everyone wants to make the best use of the resources available. Just like how we look to get the most out of our money, When we purchase any product or service, we look for the best possible price and use cases. We also look for the quality and quantity of the product. For the money we spend, do we get the best possible returns? Is our concern. Similarly, ‘time’ is also a very important and invaluable resource we spend. This is where we must ask ourselves the question: How can we make the best possible use of the time we have?

We may have a number of different tasks that we have to complete, some of which may be more important than others. This is where we have to learn to prioritize. We need to plan out our work as to how we can accomplish it. Depending on the task at hand and proper planning, it can be easier to say as to ‘how’ and ‘when’ we can accomplish it.

This process of planning can be done by:

  • Breaking down the task into smaller goals.
  • Writing down the steps to accomplish each task.

Each of the smaller goals must be achievable and measurable. Allocate enough time for each task to be accomplished. Depending on what the task is, seek help if necessary. If it is a team goal, try to delegate smaller tasks to the person best suited for the task. Stick to your schedule, focus on your task, and there could be other priorities that seem important. Prioritise when you have different things to accomplish. Give priority to the most important task first. Then the less important task comes next, and so on.

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