Impact of video games addiction on Children

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In a survey conducted in India last year, 65% of children under the age of 20 said that they were ready to give up food and sleep to play online games. On an average, a child spends more than 2–3 hours/day playing online games, which is 21 hours/week.

How online gaming addiction is affecting Children:

  • Obesity in children is increasing
  • Children’s sleep pattern has deteriorated
  • Children who play online games do not indulge in other activities, They isolate themselves ignoring their studies.
  • Children feel less hungry due to playing excessive online games
  • Sometimes children tend to get irritated when they lose in the game & might fall into depression.
  • Due to excessive violence in online games, they get attracted to violence.

How can you help?

  • From a younger age, kids must be taught to have the right kind of balance in various part of their lives.
  • Identifying and stimulating the creative side of children can help counter such problems and behaviour.
  • Involve the children in sports, creative activities and their areas of interest need to be encouraged.
  • Parents should be role models & need to have consistent conversations with children to make them realise the harm caused by getting addicted to online games.
  • On regular basis, you may counsel the children.

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