Bipolar Disorder

There are times when the mood is low similar to major depressive disorder. When the mood is low there is lack of energy and motivation to do things. The person is unable to do normal things, cannot concentrate on the task. There are times when the person might be in a good mood. The person is very active, tries to do many things at the same time. Cannot concentrate on one task, so it is not possible to complete the task on hand. Sometimes the mood is low sometimes the mood is high. In both cases it is not easy to function normally. It was known as Manic Depression.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder:

In Bipolar disorder the moods could be low on one hand and on another it could be high. When the mood is low it is lack of energy, unable to do things, unable to concentrate on a specific task. On the other hand when a person’s mood is high, the energy levels would be high and he would like to do different things. He could be happy one moment and suddenly become angry, would indulge in risky behavior like taking drugs or too much of alcohol. Have feeling that you are a very important person and make great plans that are unattainable. The sleep can be either too little or too much. Excessive loss or gain of weight.

Causes of Bipolar Disorder:

There are various causes of Bipolar Disorder. One could be the genes or heredity. There is good chance that that if your parents or someone closely related has bipolar disorder you may also get it. Chemical imbalance in the brain could be another cause. When there is either too much or too little chemicals in the brain the neurotransmitters cannot send proper signals to the brain. Too much stress is another factor, if the person faces too much stress this could be a cause for bipolar disorder.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder:

Medication is useful to control Bipolar disorder. The medication known as mood stabilizers are prescribed a qualified psychiatrist. The medications must be taken very regularly. On feedback about the progress with the medications the psychiatrist will either alter the dosage or change the medication. Psychotherapy is another form of treatment for Bipolar Disorder, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a helpful treatment for Bipolar Disorder. This would be administered by a qualified mental health professional. Other things that the person can do is to exercise regularly and see that he gets the required amount of sleep.

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