Emotional changes and problems among teens

Behavioural changes and mood swings are part of adolescence. The common causes are hormonal changes, identity, independence, social life, and stress.

Hormonal changes help to coordinate the different functions of the body. Chemical signals are sent to different parts of the body to control functions. There are hormonal changes during adolescence. These hormonal changes affect the different functions that contribute to the mood change. This could result in irritability, anger, and frustration. With the change in hormonal levels, moods also change. A person who is calm may easily be provoked to anger or frustration for no apparent reason.

The growing teen would like to have his or her own identity. The teen realises that he is different from his parents and is a separate individual. Their thoughts and ideas are different from those of their parents. He would like to have his own goals in life. This process of breaking away from the parents and establishing their own identity causes changes in behaviour.

Stress is another factor in mood changes. There are many stressors for teenagers. As they grow, they need to take on more responsibilities in life. They are new to handling responsibilities, and this causes stress. They move to higher classes in schools or colleges, which comes with added responsibilities. They have to face examinations in school and choose their career. All this makes it difficult for many to handle.

Social life is a very important aspect of being a teenager. The questions like ‘am I accepted by my friends?’ are important. They like to have their own friends, but to be a part of the group, they need to have similarities with the group. Do they have the same interests? Do they play similar games (now a days computer games)? Do they have similar gadgets? There are many things that can cause stress for teenagers. They try to behave like their friends, the people they admire, or their role models. They change their behaviour accordingly.

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