Emotional changes and problems among teens

Teenage is a time for physical growth and changes in the body. With the physical growth of the human body there a many changes that occur. Teenage and pre-teen is the time for puberty.  It is the time the child becomes into an adult. There are hormonal changes during puberty. This causes emotional and social changes. When a person has to adjust to these changes there could be problems associated with it.

Physical changes faced by Teenagers.

The common changes faced by teenagers are that they gain weight and muscles grow stronger. The boys develop facial hair. The body structure of the girls change. They develop pimples on the face. There is a significant increase in height for both girls and boys. Change in the voice for boys.

Emotional challenges faced by Teenagers.

Due to the various physical changes at teenage there are emotional challenges. The common emotional changes faced by teenagers are becoming more sensitive, the moods and feeling become intense and unpredictable, they become self conscious, they prefer to spend their time more with friends than family, they think they can take decisions on their own but not always do they take wise decisions. They think they are old enough to do things on their own and don’t realize that they still need help and guidance. It is important for the parents and adults dealing with teenagers that the teenagers are still developing and growing. They need to be treated like adults and not expect them to behave like adults. The teens need help and guidance from the adults.

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