Why do we struggle to break old routines?

Changing human behavior is a huge challenge, especially when we are looking for long-term and sustainable change. The change can be anything—diet, exercise, habits, dependencies, or anything else—that could lead to change, and it is the hardest thing to do. Here are a few reasons why changing our habits is so difficult:.

Negative emotions

When we start changing our habits, for example, to eat healthy and avoid junk food, Everyone starts well; they are thrilled to make the significant change; however, as time goes on, there is stagnation. When the emotions are heavy, like regret, shame, fear, or guilt, it becomes difficult to continue the change. Sometimes people feel hopeless and easily give up and continue their old habits.

Emotional regulation is very important, and it is essential to be conscious to not let the emotions affect our behavior.

Fallacies thinking

Overwhelmed with the change and behavior can make the person think it is all or nothing at all. For instance, I intend to make a change, and if I don’t succeed, I won’t attempt it again. Our thinking can sometimes get in the way of how we feel and act, making it harder to change.

If we want to change, challenge the fallacies of our thinking and rationalize, which can help us progress in the change.

Setting the change goal

Behavioral change is not going to happen overnight. It is impossible to take it all at once. It is essential to break out the goal into small, realistic, and measurable goals. For example, there is a difference between saying, “I will lose 30kg  and 5kg in a month.

Trying to change too much

Taking one step at a time is very important. Focus on the behavior to change, see the changes for the long term, and stick with them. But trying to change multiple habits at once can end up not changing anything at all. Trying to change too many things at a time can be unrealistic.

Underestimate the process.

Some of us try so hard, and when we don’t see progress, we get easily discouraged and give up, which signifies our level of grit. Change is not a one-time thing; there will be days of progress and days of failure. It is essential not to underestimate these progresses and failures but to take them in a sportive way and effectively work on changing.

Lack of commitment

One of the important things before taking the step to change is that we need to really show commitment. We need commitment, which will help us set firmly on what to do and how we are going to do it.




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