Career Counselling

Career counselling is a process carried out between two people (a counsellor and client) where the counsellor assists the client towards understanding oneself and enabling them to choose a career for themselves with the aid of assessments, action plan, and a counselling session.

Many of us are working in fields that we are not keen on working. Some of  us different priorities and are forced to work in fields that doesn’t give us any job contentment. Career counselling can effective help the individual.

The scope of career counselling arises when

  • An individual’s passion meets profession
  • An individual’s interest, personality and aptitude do not align
  • An individual’s career choice is ambiguous and indefinite
  • Educational and vocational plans require a direction
  • A wide array of options and choices make it difficult to narrow down the decision while choosing a career
  • The focus needs to be shifted from confusion to clarity
  • Dearth of information is needed regarding career options or possibilities, and methods to pursue them.
  • This involves assessing, planning and evaluating career choices along with an action plan.
Who is a Career Counsellor?
  • A career counsellor is a professionally trained person who is an expert in career development theories, counselling techniques, administration and interpretation of assessments, and career information resources.
  • A career counsellor helps a client to progress from confusion to clarity in choosing a career path.
Essential role of a career counsellor:
  • Career counselling provides people a systematic and thoughtful way to make a better career choice for themselves.
  • Career counsellor provides information based on factual data about the distinct availability of courses, competencies to develop for a career and the other available opportunities.
  • A career counsellor enables deep inner exploration to understand a client’s core interests, aptitude, competencies, personality and attitudes.
  • Career counsellor enables a personal career profile to a client, which equips them to select a career path in the long run.
Myths – Career Counselling
  • Career counselling is for people who have not started their career.
  • Only school students are required for career counselling.
  • Career counselling is for people who want to solve their problems in their professional life.
  • A counsellor makes career decisions for you.
  • Getting into a particular course guarantees a great career.
Facts – Career Counselling
  • Career counselling is not decision-making for the client.
  • It can be provided to school students and working professionals.
  • It helps an individual understand how to make their passion meet their profession.
  • Focuses more on collaborative action planning.
  • It is different from therapeutic counselling sessions.
Limitations of career counselling

Uncertainty – With the help of a career counsellor suitable plans are laid out, however it is not guaranteed for a desired outcome.

Multiple solutions – When seeking the help of a career counsellor, they may frame and plan and stick to it. The true fact is that there are a number of career choices that have multiple solutions.

Qualified career Counsellor – A career counsellor must be qualified to counsel and guide the individuals toward the right path for their career. In case the rules and ethics are not followed, then it will be disadvantageous to the client.

Assessments – Assessments are tools for intervention which are used for helping the client to understand the professions they are interested in pursuing. However it cannot determine one particular career for the client.



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