Ways to Prevent Mental Illness

“Prevention is better than cure” is often used in terms of physical. When it comes to mental health, not much attention is paid. However, here are a few healthy steps that can be taken to prevent mental health conditions. Anyone, at any time, can have mental or emotional health problems. Here are a few steps that you can consciously take to prevent mental illness.

Social Connection, Quality Time, and Interpersonal Relationship

No matter what your personality is, we all need social connections to keep us thriving, as we are social animals. Most of us avoid meetings with friends or family. Often, we find ourselves busy and occupied with our own work and lives. Take some time out to engage in social life. Stable and supportive relationships with healthy boundaries can make an individual feel better about their mental, emotional, and physical health in times of hardship, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Stay active

It is quite common for us to think that physical exercise benefits our physical health. However, it has potential benefits for mental health as well. When we exercise, our body releases endorphins, which reduce stress and enhance our sense of well-being.

Practice Self-reflection

In my personal experience, doing self-reflection helped me gain insight into my emotions, thinking patterns, and behavior. There are worksheets and journals that can help one reflect and be aware of oneself, which will lead to working on oneself and relationship management, which will make the person emotionally intelligent.

Make leisure a priority.

Leisure is perceived as a bad thing, and we try to keep ourselves busy. Put the guilt down and make it a priority every month for leisure, and try out fun activities to feel better and more relaxed.

Talk therapy

The myth is that only “mentally sick people” or “crazy people” can go for counseling; the fact is that anyone can go for counseling. Counseling is a professional relationship with a safe and secure space for us to confide. A psychologist is unbiased and non-judgmental towards their clients, which helps the client talk about anything and everything.

Find purpose and meaning.

We are all different in all our ways; don’t compare or try to always follow where the majority of people go. However, explore and try figuring out what makes you feel purposeful and meaningful. Exploring can take some time, and there will be challenges and setbacks in the way of discovering what makes you find a purpose in life.

Invest in relationships and spend quality time with people with whom you can trust and care the most. Try volunteering and being part of fellowships that give you the opportunity to connect and find ways to care for one another.

Psycheducate yourself

There are many techniques and strategies that can be used to improve one’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Assertive skills, interpersonal skills, stress management, communication, etc. can be learned, as can educating one about mental health issues. Being aware of these things can be helpful in preventing mental health issues.



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