Understanding the Learning Styles

When we ask someone generally how you learn majority respond “reading and writing” Some even agree that it is only best way to learn. However did you know there are different types of learning styles? Everyone has their own learning style which is used in the process of learning. A learning style is the way a student learn, absorb, process, comprehend, and retain information.




The four learning styles are:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Tactile
  • Kinesthetic

Visual Learners:

Visual learners learn through seeing with the use of diagrams, pictorial representation, symbols, flowchart, graphs and pictures. Visual learners learn by seeing the information in the pictorial way than in a written format.

Do you want to whether you are a visual learner?

You can use the following question to reflect and see if you are a visual learner.

  1. Do you value art, beauty, and aesthetics around you?
  2. Do you visualise the information while reading or listening to a lecture?
  3. Do you see the information in an order or flow chart to remember?
Auditory Learner

Have you met someone who listens to others explain in the last minutes and do well in exam? They are auditory learners learning the information. They enjoy attaining lectures and remember things that are told to them.

Do you want to whether you are a auditory learner?

  1. Do you read out loud when you are learning?
  2. Do you prefer to listen to a lecture than read a book?
  3. Do you ask your classmates to explain the concepts?
Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners also known as tactile learners learn well by relating with their environment, hands on experience, and movements. Performing physical activities, engaging in different activities, and experimentation helps them to learn effectively.

Do you want to whether you are a kinesthetic learner?

  1. Do you practice to learn something?
  2. Do you enjoy practical classes?
  3. Do you find it difficult to sit in long lecture?
Reading and writing learners

Reading and writing are the traditional and desirable way of learning to take the information in the form of words and text. The learner enjoys reading notes, take notes, and go through the notes.

Do you want to whether you are a reading and writing learner?

  1. Do you prefer to take notes, read, and refer different articles to learn.
  2. Do you prefer your information directly from the books?
  3. Do you take notes during classes or while reading a book?

The VARK learning style will help individuals to understand students on their learning process. When caretakers or parents or teachers find a child struggling to learn can assess the child’s learning style and plan few strategies to help the child in learning. In some cases based on the need mix of four learning styles can be used in helping the child.




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