How do I Find a Mental Health Professional?

If you are considering therapy or counseling for restoring a relationship, managing your stress, improving your mental health, recovering from trauma, or just wanting to talk to someone, finding a mental health professional can be challenging.  In India, people still confuse psychiatrists and psychologists. Here are a few tips for you to consider before you sign up for counseling or therapy sessions:

Know the difference

A Psychiatrist is a doctor who is qualified to prescribe medications. Many psychiatrists don’t provide therapy because of a lack of time or because they are not trained. On the other hand, Psychologists are trained to provide therapies and make referrals if they identify that the client needs medications. Clinical psychologists are qualified to diagnose the disorder; they should be licensed, whereas Counseling Psychologists identify the stress or problem but cannot diagnose it. In India, there is no law for licensing counseling psychologists. Before booking a session, you can always ask or get to know their qualifications.

Your goals

Identify the goal and purpose for which you want to seek counseling help. This will also help the psychologist to analyze and set goals. Counseling in a therapeutic setting is a collaborative effort between the psychologist and the client. Have ideas of the areas that you want to work on and need assistance to gain insight. You can always communicate the changes you need to make to your treatment plans and discuss your challenges.

Ask others

A referral from a friend, colleague, teacher, or family member is another way to find a psychologist or therapist who can be a good fit for helping you. Identify the different needs and goals you have and discuss them with the person who is giving you the referrals.

Explore nearby resources
  • The college and school will have counseling centers that can be accessible.
  • In workplaces, approach the human resources department or employee assistance program.
  • Churches in your locality could have counseling services.
  • Explore the hospital near your locality to see if they provide psychological services.
Mental health services organizations

There are many mental health organizations that are available online and offline. You can approach them by telephone or email to inquire about the mental health services they provide.

Online Resources

The Internet is a great place to get more information regarding different mental health services. However, the question is whether this information is reliable. Check out authentic resources that will give accurate data about different therapeutic approaches and mental health services, which can help you identify what you are looking for and align with the services that you are looking for.

Questions to ask:
  • The therapeutic approach used by the psychologist.
  • Their educational qualifications, certifications, and licensing.
  • Years of experience
  • The fee structure for the therapy offered
  • Duration and time of the therapeutic or counseling sessions

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