Terms and Conditions – Counsellor

We at Ananth Jeevan recognize and value collaboration as a primary principle needed to address mental health issues.
We invite you to be a part of our mission by joining us as a Counsellor.
As a counselling partner, you should be willing to commit a few hours of your time voluntarily to counsel people in need.
Once you have partnered with us as a counsellor you will be needed to undergo a short training program and on completion of the training, you will be allocated as a counsellor on need basis.

Terms and Conditions for a Counsellor:

  1. As a counselling partner, you should be willing to commit a few hours of your time voluntarily to counsel people in need.
  2. On the completion of the training program is when you will be allowed or allotted a Counselee on need basis.
  3. You will share all your details on the form shared on the sites the form to be filled which will allow us to understand you a little better, we will then look into the needful and reach out to you.
  4. The team at Ananth Jeevan will connect you with a counsellee as and when the need arises.
  5. You will be provided adequate training(which will be sponsored by Ananth Jeevan).
  6. You will give a minimum one year of commitment as a Volunteer for Ananth Jeevan initiatives.
  7. At any given point you must try to keep the details of the counselee and the disucussion points confidentially.
  8. The counsellor should have probing skills, conflict resolution skills.
  9. As a counselor, you also need to demonstrate an open and accepting attitude towards your clients. we need to accept them as they are and want to help them heal.
  10. You are not authorized to share the the details of the counselee (s) to any private or third party, failing which you will be liable to legal action.
  11. Counsellor should maintain boundaries around contact outside of sessions.
  12. The verification of mobile number and / or the email shall be compulsory without which the Company will not create a Counsellor Account.
  13. You agree that your use of the Site and System is subject to verification by us of your identity, qualifications, documents and credentials as a Counsellor.
  14. You hereby agree that you will implement and maintain appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards, and reasonable and appropriate security precautions to protect the User Information or any other System information, from any unauthorized use or access.
  15. You will immediately notify us of any breach or suspected breach of the security of the System of which you become aware, or any unauthorized use or disclosure of information within or obtained from the System, and you will take such action to mitigate the breach or suspected breach as we may direct, and will cooperate with us in investigating and mitigating such breach.
  16. You shall be solely liable for your dealings and interaction with counsellee or user, his/her representatives or affiliates.