हमारा समर्थन


Ananth Jeevan provides psychological counseling to anyone experiencing distress or a mental disorder. The counseling goal of Ananth Jeevan is to unlock the potential for lasting changes. Building resilience, restoring hope, and transforming the lives of our clients is our keen focus.

The counseling sessions are offered in three modes: online, offline, and telephone. You can choose the mode that is comfortable for you. The counseling services are free of charge, with the only aim of helping and supporting people with mental health issues and people who simply want to talk. supporting our client’s journey one session at a time.

Helpline: The Ananth Jeevan helpline is available from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for anyone who wants to reach out in a time of distress. The crisis helper or counselor will address the issue and refer the person to the necessary psychological support required for them.

Awareness Programs: Schools, Colleges, and Corporate

Ananth Jeevan organizes mental health awareness programs in schools, colleges, and corporations. There are misconceptions, stigmas, and ignorance related to mental health. Our aim is to provide authentic information, help people in need, and break the stigma related to mental health.

Through the awareness programs, we want to encourage people to talk about their issues and problems because, here, people matter.


Ananth Jeevan is inspired to organize and conduct seminars and teaching programs with the aim of educating people about mental health. Ananth Jeevan can organize programs and psychology-related courses with experts in the field of psychology to educate people about mental health disorders, signs and symptoms, causal factors, and the necessary steps to be taken. The Ananth Jeevan website also provides services for educating people through different courses and blogs addressing different aspects of psychology and mental health.